Luggernaut's Marvel vs Capcom 3 Game Review

Rated: 8

oh me oh my, the colours. While the flashy, bright lights might be enough to kill an old person, the game is by far the greatest marvel x capcom ever. The graphics are pimped up, the fighting engine, while a tiny bit confusing/ choppy, is easy to pick up and learn and the banter and insults the characters throw around are hilarious. The character design is simply, to put it in one word, HAWT. I love how Trish is beautiful and can open a can of whuparse on anybody. I love how Deadpool jokingly struts/moonwalks across the locales, and says things you'll be repeating to anyone who'll lsiten.

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Luggernaut's Resident Evil: The Dark Side Chronicles Game Review

Rated: 7

"Ohmygod, ZOMBIE!": you will hear this monotonous phrase from every character a minimum of 14 times, and after a while your head will hurt. the wavy camera is frustrating and always strikes at a crucial moment. For example, whenever you want to pick up some shot gun or rocket launcher ammo the camera swivels to where the boss is, who proceeds to mercilessly pummel you into the ground without fear of getting shot, as you've run out of ammo. This is espescially frustrating when you have a friend over, as the ammo is shared in multiplayer. One of you will yell, "Go for the first aid spray, I'll hold him off with the shot gun!" and the other will yell, "heck no! You always waste the shotgun ammo!' and thus begins a torrential downpour of expletives. But that might just be me.

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Luggernaut's No More Heroes Game Review

Rated: 7

All in all, the game No More Heroes is fun, but to a point.The hack-and-slash style of gameplay is fun until running through endless corridors hacking identical enemies into coins loses its appeal. The special moves and in-game move animations are gorgeous- until you've seen them for the millionth time. The storyline, or rather, the pace at which events occur, could use a little tweaking (for those who hate watching cutscenes and can't be bothered to keep up with what's happening) and travis could stand to swear a little less; we all have that younger sibling/cousin who overhears the f-bombs in dialogue and throws it into conversation later.

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